Mystery Neckties


Let our style guru choose a necktie for you from our amazing collection! All of our "mystery" ties are guaranteed to be top quality cotton, wool, flannel or silk.

Go ahead - take a chance!

Handcrafted in Middlebury, Vermont.

Please note - "Mystery" ties are not returnable or refundable.

Our extra-long standard-width neckties, as well as all of our Slim and Skinny neckties are customized and made to order. Please review our return policies carefully.

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Customer Reviews

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Great quality tie for a value!

I wear a lot of ties, so the mystery option is great for me. I ordered a couple, and one was a seasonal tie. If you need something specific this may not be the route for you, but if you just need quality ties made in the USA at a good price, I definitely recommend it!

Pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised with my $22.00 "mystery tie." In the "comments" section of my order, I asked for a 64" tie that worked with a navy suit and white shirt - and that's just what I got. To be sure, it's a bit jazzier than what I would have ordered if left to my own devices, but I was pleased with what Beau Ties selected for me, and I think I'll be able to use it on less formal occasions, with family and friends. Excellent value!

Anthony O.
Pleasantly surprised

I added a "mystery tie" to my order on a whim. Truthfully I expected it to be an "ugly tie" that if I didn't like I could always give away as a gift. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a very nice looking tie that I look forward to wearing. Don't be afraid to roll the dice!

Incredibly Thoughtful

I ordered four masks and decides to add a mystery tie in an endeavor to cheer myself up after a long winter of teaching in person. Figuring that the tie would be whatever was lying around the shipping room, I didn't have a lot of hope. When it arrived, I was struck by how thoughtful the selection was. The tie coordinates with nearly all of the masks, was the usual fantastic quality, and was exactly what I needed at that moment. Beau Ties remains a company that feels like a friend.