Beau Ties of Vermont knows that not everyone is built the same.

Some have larger necks, so they need a longer bow tie band.
Some have bigger faces, so they want a butterfly bow tie!
Some have larger torsos, so they want a wider tie.
Some have taller frames, so they want a longer tie.
Some have wider waists, so they need a cummerbund or D-Ring belt with a little more room.
That's why we offer so many of our products in so many different sizes.

So no matter your height, weight, head size, neck size or just personal style preference, our handcrafted products are available in just about any size you want. And if you need something entirely different, we can do that, too!
All you have to do is ask.

So when you find something you like, be sure to check out our sizing options and choose the one you want.
Then click Add to Cart!

But if you're not seeing your size, just email us and someone here will gladly assist you in getting the size you want made just for you! 

Beau Ties of Vermont is proud to offer inclusive sizing so everyone can enjoy their shopping experience.