Refresher Mask Spray - Travel Size


Tuck this handy go-anywhere bottle of Beau Ties of Vermont Face Mask Refresher into your bag, and refresh your face mask anywhere and anytime. Just a quick spritz or two will do the job.

- Made right here in Vermont, USA

- Pet, people and planet-friendly combination of alcohol and real essential oils

- 2oz bottle

How To Use:

Pull off the plastic cap
Lightly mist your mask
Wait 60 seconds
Enjoy a clean, fresh scent in your weary face covering.

Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Love the spray, but...

what happened to the 8-ounce size of your mask refresher spray -- at $12/bottle? Now I'm expected to pay $8 for just 2-ounces. It was very reassuring having this spray in my car and readily available. I'm almost out of my last 8-oz bottle and very disappointed that it's only offered in the smaller size--at a much higher price.

Juliette j Boyer
Nice scent

I like it has a nice fresh smell thank you.

Dawn Ellis
Nice Scent

Refreshing during a hot day.

Ivette Pietri
Peppermint Spray

The smell is very refreshing and makes me breath better with a mask. I put it in a paper napkin and smell it to feel more energized. I use it to spray in the air inside the house and it smells good without giving any allergy.
I will buy more to give as gifts to spray in the air.

Great product

I find myself wearing a mask for short periods of a time, so it seems unnecessary to wash it, so I appreciate the spray. Smells nice. Great in between things