Face Mask Filters - 10pack


Add an extra level of protection to your face mask with these easy-to-use filters. Designed to fit in the filter pocket of our masks.

- PM2.5 filters are effective in keeping fine particulate matter away from your mouth and nose.

- Multiple layers of activated carbon and non-woven fiber.

- Non-washable; filter should be replaced at 1-2 times each week or whenever a film or stains emerge.

- Individually wrapped, shipped in packages of 10.

- Available in Adult Size (fits both Adult and XL) and in Kids Size (fits Kids masks)

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Customer Reviews

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Mary F.
Excellent quality face mask filters

Whenever my supply of filters is running low, I place an order. These filters give me complete confidence both for their excellent quality and efficacy. I will always use these, provided Beau Ties continues to carry them.

Face maks filters

Wonderful extra protection and they don't make it harder to breathe either!

Debra Berntsen
Added Protection

I never wear a mask without the filters. They are an added safety net! I feel confident in them and use them on a daily basis when out shopping in supermarkets or other venues where there are "crowds" of people. As a nurse, I feel more protected by the Beau Ties mask and filters than the surgical masks were are made to wear at work. Thank you!!


I use these filters regularly with a Beau Ties cloth mask. I feel confident they protect me. I am disappointed, though, that my current shipment has not arrived, in spite of an announcement from Beau Ties that they had been delivered. I emailed Beau Ties and they emailed me several weeks ago that they referred my concern to the person in charge of working with delivery companies (post office?). I have not yet heard back. So I am having to use disposable surgical masks for now, as I am out of filters for my Beau Ties masks.

Great filters

First of all, the masks fit better than ANY I have tried, and I’ve tried many…including KN95 and N95. I guess I have a small face and all the other masks don’t fit well leaving gaps on the side. Beauties are the best! The filters are great because you can easily carry them with you and always feel confident that your mask is fresh.
Easier than bringing several masks along with you.