How DO we do it?
In 22 Steps - One Step At A Time. (Here's the Abridged Version)
Step 1: Each tie is cut by hand. No machines at work here! Step 4: Interior lining is stitched into place to sure that the tie holds its shape. Step 8: Careful trimming is next. It's these small details that set us apart.

Step 11: It's beginning to look like a bow! One at a time - no shortcuts here. Step 13: Precise press is key... only a good eye and experience will do! Step 16: Sizing slides are put in place - ready for a new owner's adjustment.

 Handmade bow ties Handmade bow ties Handmade bow ties
Step 18: a few more stitches firmly connect each half of the tie. Step 20: Our Beau Tie label and fabric info are attached inside the neck strap. Step 22: Every last little thread is snipped away before our work is done.
 Handmade Bow ties
...and a new American-made Beau Tie is born!