Our bow ties, neckties, pocket squares, tote bags, headwear, wristlets, cummerbunds and other accessories are all handcrafted here right here in Vermont. 

Want an idea of the attention to detail our seamstresses bring to every project?  Here are highlights from the 22 individual steps it takes for us to create just one of our world-renowned Beau Ties!

We look forward to creating a masterpiece for you!
Step 1: Each tie is cut by hand. No machines at work here! Step 4: Interior lining is stitched into place to sure that the tie holds its shape. Step 8: Careful trimming is next. It's these small details that set us apart.

Step 11: It's beginning to look like a bow! One at a time - no shortcuts here. Step 13: Precise pressing is key... only a good eye and experience will do! Step 16: Sizing slides are put in place - ready for a new owner's adjustment.

 Handmade bow ties Handmade bow ties Handmade bow ties
Step 18: A few more stitches firmly connect each half of the tie. Step 20: Our Beau Tie label and fabric info are attached inside the neck strap. Step 22: Every last little thread is snipped away before our work is done.
 Handmade Bow ties
...and a new American-made Beau Tie is born!


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