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Tie Care Information

Most of our bow ties, neckties and other accessories are made of fine silks from around the world. They are investments in your wardrobe, so taking care of them matters. Here are some rules of thumb that should help your tie look good for a long time.

- Untie your tie as carefully as you tied it on, and hang it on a tie rack or drape it around the collar of one of your coats so gravity can smooth out the wrinkles of the day.

- If the wrinkles don't disappear, use steam – either by hanging your tie in the bathroom while you take a nice, hot shower, or by using a steam iron, but try not to let the iron itself touch your tie.

- Silk's threads are relatively fragile, so avoid rubbing or scrubbing to try to remove accidental drips or drops. Use a clean cloth and seltzer water to blot up stains caused by water-soluble spots; try talcum powder to pull up those that are oily.

- You may be able to remove stubborn stains with a commercial spot remover, but be sure to test the back of the tie to see how the silk responds. And, if all else fails, you can take your ties and other silk items to a dry cleaner. But this really is the option of last resort as the chemicals and cleaning process may damage or destroy the silk.

- If you are traveling, roll your ties when you pack them, and unroll and hang them promptly upon arrival to avoid wrinkles or creases.

If you have other questions, or could use some advice about how to care for a particular tie, please call us at 800-488-8437. We want your tie to serve you well!