When you find the fabric you love, and decide to order a bow tie, we will ask you to make three choices: What tie width do you want? What is your neck size? What neck style do you prefer? Here is some information that will help you define the tie that's right for you. (If you have something unique in mind, give us a call, and we can create a custom pattern for you.)

1. Tie Width Options:

Slim Line/Standard - The Slim Line bow is 2 ½" inches high and creates a classic butterfly shape. This bow tie width is preferred by a majority of our customers, and is always a good choice. Butterfly Jumbo - Our Butterfly Jumbo bow tie is 3 ½" inches high. It's our equivalent of a "Big and Tall" size, and looks best on men with larger neck sizes and bigger faces and chins.


Very Slim Line - Often referred to as a "batwing" tie, the 1 ½" inch Very Slim Line bow has a great personality, and tends to work best with small patterns and solid colors. The batwing suits men with narrower faces and small collar sizes. Slim Line Diamond Point - The pointed ends of Slim Line Diamond Point add an interesting dimension to this variation on our Slim Line/Standard width. If you're looking for a trustworthy choice AND some additional pizzazz, this is a good option.


Very Slim Diamond Point - For a totally charming silhouette on a smaller man, consider the Very Slim Diamond Point – a variation on our Very Slim Line batwing width. Club (Rounded) - The newest trend in bow ties, this 1 ½" inch bow tie borrows its shape from the early 20th century. The Club (Rounded) bow tie should be worn by men with smaller features.

2. Neck Size Options:

We make our ties in several adjustable neck sizes, starting as small as 13 ½" inches and going as long as 23 ½" inches. The size that fits most men adjusts from 15 ½" – 19 ½". If you need yours longer or shorter, choose the option that includes your collar size, plus a little wiggle room.

3.Neck Style:

We are referring, of course, to the tie's neck style, not yours! There are three different styles from which you may choose.

Freestyle - If you tie your own bow, this is the option you want. (And if you need to learn how to tie a bow tie, click here .)

Pre-Tied - We'll create the bow and attach it to an adjustable strap based on the neck size you choose. A discreet hook and eye closure behind the bow secures the strap around your collar and keeps your tie neatly in place. (This is often a very good choice for kids' bow ties.)

Clip-On - We'll create the bow and attach two sturdy clips on the back. All you need to do is attach the clips to your collar, and your tie is there to stay. (This is often a very good choice for kids' bow ties.)

Adult Necktie Sizes:

Our handcrafted neckties are available in three different widths - Standard (3.25"), Slim (3") and Skinny (2.5").  Our standard necktie length is 58".  We also offer longer choices - 60", 62", 64" and 67".  If you have a special width or length request, please call us at 800-488-8437, and we'll see what we can do for you!

Kids' Tie Sizes:

 Bow Ties

Small 0 - 1 Less Than 8" 3"
Medium 1 - 6 8" - 10" 3.5"
Large 6 - 12 10" - 12" 4"
X-Large 12+ 12" - 15"  4.5"



Small 45" - 49" 2.5" 42"
Medium 50" - 54" 2.75" 46"
Large 55" - 60" 3" 50"
X-Large 60"-67" 3" 54"