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Cloth Face Masks

Cloth Face Masks

Due to the frequently changing mandates, business practices, and local COVID-19 transmission and vaccination results, masks will likely stay useful—if not required—for some time. Luckily, in contrast with early on in the pandemic, these days you have many high-quality cloth face masks to choose from.

Between disposable respirators and comfortable, reusable cloth masks that filter nearly as well as medical-grade masks, and can be adjusted for a more-secure fit, just about everyone can find the one they feel good putting on. With this, cloth face masks have proven to do a great job.

Premium Cloth Face Masks Like No Other at Beau Ties of Vermont

A cloth face mask is one made of common textiles, usually cotton, placed over the mouth and nose. When other effective and high end masks are not there, and when physical distancing is not seemingly possible, cloth face masks are suggested by public health agencies.

Since they are less effective than N95 masks, surgical masks, or physical distancing in protecting the wearer against viruses, they are not deemed to be personal protective equipment by public health agencies. They are utilized by the most in household and community establishments as protection against both infectious diseases and air pollution particles.

Protecting You Against the Virus

Cloth face masks were used by healthcare workers dating from the late 19th century, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, and so, the use in developed countries was renewed thanks to the shortages of surgical masks and respirators, as well as for environmental issues and practicality.


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