Toscanini - bow ties


Woven silk jacquard in a celebratory shade of vibrant ruby red.

Handcrafted in Middlebury, Vermont..

Our Bow Ties are customized and made to order. Please review our return policies carefully.

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James McCarthy
Ruby Red Beau Tie

Gorgeous tie! Looks classy and rich. I bought it with the ruby suspenders, and it makes a nice look.

Sleek and slender bow ties

I considered myself fortunate to be directed over Beau Ties, by an acquaintance, who was wearing a very slender and sleek bow tie made by this company. My order for a “slim” bowtie resulted in the delivery of a bowtie nearly 2 inches tall, it’s diamond point protruded nearly 1 inch away from the tie and it’s material coarse enough to have difficulty holding a knot. I was informed that this (using company words) “hand-crafted” and “made to order” product was non-refundable, despite the fact that it’s height was not very slim, according to the product description.

I now find myself working more with satisfaction-guaranteed/returns accepted type organizations and am careful when making recommendations to my friends. If ordering from here, I’d be cautious, before ordering here, to know the exact dimensions of what you need, that you are sure that tie’s appearance online will be an exact color match in real life and that you are 100% certain your tie material will knot precisely as you need it (as bow ties can be somewhat finicky) in order to enjoy a rewarding and satisfying consumer experience.

John Smith
Beautiful material

Very nice material and beautiful design. A very elegant look right in time for the holidays.

Noah Whitley
A piece of excellence

The fabric and the color is an interesting paradox of subtle and vibrant. It's a wonderful piece that I hope will stand the test of time.

Michael Morrison
Can't go wrong with RED!

Beautiful work, made of beautiful material! Knockout color, but deep and very sophisticated! Takes a big of attitude to wear it, but if you're up to it, go for it! Toscanini was kind of an arrogant pain in the butt, so wearing this gets him back!