Holly Crossing Over-The-Head Face Mask


An ancient symbol of peace and goodwill, the green leaves and red berries of holly were also rumored to be safe havens for fairies. This lovely face mask features them in a repeating diamond pattern on coal black cotton.

Take it easy on your ears with our thoughtfully designed Over The Head facemasks. Especially comfortable for people who wear hearing aids, each mask stays in place with straps that do not loop around your ears. Created in a wide variety of designs to suit whatever mood you may be in - or whatever outfit you may have on – all of our masks feature:

  • Blocks up to 99% of all airborne particles (with filter)
  • 3 layers of 100% cotton
  • Filters sold separately here
  • Ample coverage of nose and chin
  • Flexible nose wire
  • 500+ thread count
  • Adjustable over-the-head elastic straps
  • Interior filter pocket
  • Don’t forget your Refresher Mask Spray
  • Regular over-the-ear mask styles found here
  • Lanyards and Ear Saver Headbands sold separately.
  • Unless sold out, masks are offered in Adult, XL and child sizes
  • Adult fits most (not all) women and XL fits most (not all) men
  • Tell the world you’re vaccinated with our Silicone Bracelets

Sorry, face masks may not be returned or exchanged.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
LeslieAnne King
Comfortable and attractive

Having made it through Covid-19 without a gross head cold or the flu I like having a good mask and continue to wear them in public places. I use the filters and always have one in my pocket. The over-the-head ones are good with my hearing aids. Thanks for a good product with some style and joy!
Leslie Anne

Ora Wry
Multiple features

Over the head adult mask has multiple features as it is well designed: soft material, holiday print, flexible fitting on chin, easy to put on, adjustable, and so much more. I have suggested the over the head model for people who have hearing aids since the bands do not depend on the ears for support. Breathable for singing or exercising.

Richard Getty
Works Great!

My workplace requires an N95 mask, but the ones they gave me don't fit, and keep popping off over my ears. And they are ugly! My solution to stay healthy and make everybody happy is to double mask, with my BeauTies, over the head mask covering the marginal paper mask. Haven't got sick once since I started this! :-)

Dennis Clark
Good value

I got one mask that was 50% off. I ordered the largest size. At this price is was a great deal. Not certain that I am willing to pay double the price. I would certainly pay $9. I admit that I have a large face and the fit is good, it could be just a little larger but I do feel it fits well. I would also like the straps to be just a little longer. The pocket for a filter is great. All in all it is comfortable and the quality is high.

Best Christmas design I have seen

Love this look. I will probably continue to wear it after Christmas!