Bentley Black Face Mask


Look long enough at this beautiful geometric design of silver on black cotton, and you may see stars!

Thoughtfully designed here in Vermont, with fabric patterns chosen to suit whatever mood you may be in - not to mention whatever outfit you may have on – all of our masks feature:

  • Blocks up to 99% of all airborne particles (with filter)
  • 3 layers of 100% cotton
  • no harmful substances in our fabrics, so you can wear your face mask with total peace of mind.
  • Filters sold separately here
  • Ample coverage of nose and chin
  • Flexible nose wire
  • 500+ thread count
  • Adjustable elastic earpieces
  • Interior filter pocket
  • Don’t forget your Refresher Mask Spray
  • Over-The-Head Face Mask styles found here
  • Lanyards and Ear Saver Headbands sold separately.
  • Unless sold out, masks are offered in Adult, XL and child sizes
  • Adult fits most (not all) women and XL fits most (not all) men
  • Tell the world you’re vaccinated with our Silicone Bracelets

Sorry, face masks may not be returned or exchanged.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ellen K
Exactly what I wanted

I'm one of the few remaining people who refuse to go maskless in public settings. The early pandemic was, in the manner of masks anyway, fun. I bought several whimsical masks to match my outfits. They were rather ill-fitting, but I wore them over N-95s for protection. Now that most people aren't wearing masks, the whimsy seems misplaced and I would rather appear professional, if still odd. (I'm an attorney.) Beau Ties has given me the perfect options: well-fitted, professional-looking, and less attention-drawing. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

Joan Marcantonio
Great Mask

Great Mask
This mask is beautiful as it is functional. I tested the mask by a suggested way to do so. I lit a candle and attempted to blow it out with the mask on. I could not blow out the candle. The 3 layers of the mask prevented me from blowing out the candle.

D. Newsom
Quality #1

Ordered two different styles and received them in a timely manner. They look great. The quality in fabric, stitching, and comfort are excellent. The ability to insert an addition layer of filtration and bendable nose arch were also a plus.

R Weaver
Another great mask!

Beau masks are great! Well made, comfortable, good fit - there are no negatives with this mask!

John B, Burlington, VT
Excellent mask

Fits well; feels cool on my skin. Thanks.