Ballot Purple Face Mask


Cover up - and still speak out - in this triple-layer, all-cotton face mask with its timely tidings in white on bright purple.

Carefully designed and sewn, each mask features:

  • Blocks up to 99% of all airborne particles (with filter)
  • 3 layers of 100% cotton
  • Filters sold separately here
  • Ample coverage of nose and chin
  • Flexible nose wire
  • 500+ thread count
  • Adjustable elastic earpieces
  • Interior filter pocket
  • Don’t forget your Refresher Mask Spray
  • Over-The-Head Face Mask styles found here
  • Lanyards and Ear Saver Headbands sold separately.
  • Unless sold out, masks are offered in Adult, XL and child sizes
  • Adult fits most (not all) women and XL fits most (not all) men
  • Tell the world you’re vaccinated with our Silicone Bracelets

Sorry, face masks may not be returned or exchanged.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Lisa in Atlanta
Look great, super comfy

I have been cavassing door to door in our local city council race and wanted a mask - and also a way to let people know why I was there! This mask was great for folks looking out windows! Also, wearing it at work to remind folks to early vote. I liked purple since city council races are non partisan! Like all my masks from BT it washes super well, works great with my glasses, and keeps me safe!

Lynn Baily
Great mask

Like the other masks, very comfortable

Leonore Linsky

I got the mask because I usually work at the polls and thought I might still need a mask. They wouldn't probably allow it if it were blue or red as pollworkers are not supposed to espouse one party over another.

Jean McGreggor
Heart on my mask instead of my sleeve

I really like the fit and comfort of my masks from Beau Ties of Vermont! I got a Vote mask in Purple so I could encourage participation without pushing a party. It worked great.

Julie Tonner
Great Mask

Yet again the envy of everyone who sees me!