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Time to Dress the Part

It started with dress shirts buttoned-up. Then those dress shirts became untucked. Then those untucked dress shirts turned into polos. Now those polos devolved into t-shirts.

What the hell happened?

The Casual Friday trend has taken over the entire week. And the word “Casual” has started to take on a new meaning. In some offices, Casual Friday has morphed into Slob Week.

So as easy as it is to get dressed like that each morning, is it really the right way to look?

We won’t bore you with the research that’s already been done to prove that workers are more productive and taken more seriously when dressed up at the office. Besides, I just told you that…so why read a whole article on it?

So instead of falling into lockstep with your co-workers, consider taking some of your vodka and tequila money and investing in a better office wardrobe.

No, that doesn’t mean go buy a bunch of new suits, jackets and pants. That’s the thing you need to do once every few years and can be pretty damn expensive.

Instead, invest in some new accessories. Accessories, a word which you may have heard your girlfriend use before, are actually the easiest way to jazz up your look without breaking the bank. And you should update them with some frequency, as styles tend to change from year to year.

Ties – yes, ties – or even [gasp] bow ties, are by far the easiest way to get yourself to the next level at work. They exude confidence, professionalism and can easily bring an otherwise-boring outfit together.

Not ready for ties just yet? At least throw a pocket square into your jacket. Or maybe even colorful socks. Baby steps, my friend.

No one has ever been fired for looking professional. No one has ever been demoted for looking preppy. So what do you have to lose? Invest a few bucks and try this social experiment. If we’re wrong, email us and we’ll call your boss and tell him he’s an a**hole. (Or she!)