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Responsible Neckwear

At Beau Ties of Vermont, our name is more than just a clever play on words.

We've been making neckwear right here in the U.S. since 1993, and seen our fair share of spikes and crashes in the industry. What we're seeing now, in the most recent trend in neckwear, is led by a younger generation that has genuine concerns about what impact their purchases have. They have questions about sustainability, about fair wages, and about where the products they buy come from.

And we are proud of the answers we offer.

We are now the largest manufacturer of bow ties in the U.S. But our primary goal is not to sell more ties than anyone else. It's to sell the best ties, and to do it in a way that is responsible and rewarding.

We employ over 30 incredible people here in Middlebury, Vermont who help design, cut and sew bow ties and neckties, and who treat our customers like they are family. We offer nearly 1,000 different fabric designs, and we introduce new options every week of the year.

That's right, brand new choices. Every. Single. Week.

And unlike virtually every other neckwear company you'll find in the U.S., we're proud to say that we have not outsourced our labor to China.

Now in our 27th year, we're happy to say that every bow tie and necktie that's ever been shipped from our facility has been hand cut and hand sewn - right here in a facility that was designed to provide optimal working conditions for all of our staff.

From the first careful cut of the fabric to the last precise bit of hand sewing and trimming, it takes 22 minutes to create a bow tie (30 minutes for a necktie).

Could a robot go faster? Maybe. But from where we stand, it's more important to take the time to handcraft a perfect piece of neckwear; each one cut on the bias and precisely sewn to ensure beauty, symmetry and a quality accessory that you can wear proudly.

What's most important, of course, is that we pay our employees fair wages, and provide them with a safe and pleasant working environment. Natural light floods nearly every inch of our facility - not just the corner offices - and every window has a view. Hey, we are in Vermont, after all!

Come see what we have to offer at Beau Ties of Vermont. And experience the difference of an American-made bow tie or necktie.