As cases of the omicron variant surge nationwide, health officials suggest getting a dose and also the COVID-19 offer the simplest protection, but putting on a mask is also imperative in curbing the spread of the virus. Even if face masks form part of the country's landscape within the past two years, health officials suggest that since the omicron variant is more contagious, a reusable cloth mask may not be the most effective option.

Notwithstanding this, vaccinated or even boosted people are least likely to suffer a coronavirus infection. Unvaccinated people have the best chance of being infected and being in the hospital with COVID-19. People who had gotten their booster shots had an all-time low risk of infection: for each 100,000 people who had received a booster, only 12 had contracted that week. This only means unvaccinated people were 23 times more likely to be infected with the coronavirus than vaccinated those who had received a dose.

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