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Christmas Face Masks: Reusing or Replacing the Mask

Reusable masks must be kept clean and dry. We’re getting into cold and flu season, and noses get runny. As a general rule, anytime a mask is wet to the point that you just can feel the wetness, then it’s time for a brand new one if it’s disposable, or it’s time to scrub your reusable mask. For gatherings, use your very own Christmas Face Masks to match the holiday spirit.

Wetness enables viruses to more easily go through paper or fabric because it permits the threads to maneuver and should reduce the electric charge within the masks that put up an extra layer of protection with some fabrics. What better way to celebrate the holidays than to wear Christmas Face Masks. Also, you'll be able to use a mask that stays clean and dry for a couple of weeks before you would like to clean or discard it.

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