Kindful Over-The-Head Face Mask


Designed after receiving a wonderful letter from one of our customers, we hope this navy blue mask and white mask will remind us all to take care of others as well as ourselves.

Take it easy on your ears with our thoughtfully designed Over The Head facemasks. Especially comfortable for people who wear hearing aids, each mask stays in place with straps that do not loop around your ears. Created in a wide variety of designs to suit whatever mood you may be in - or whatever outfit you may have on – all of our masks feature:

  • Blocks up to 99% of all airborne particles (with filter)
  • 3 layers of 100% cotton
  • Filters sold separately here
  • Ample coverage of nose and chin
  • Flexible nose wire
  • 500+ thread count
  • Adjustable over-the-head elastic straps
  • Interior filter pocket
  • Don’t forget your Refresher Mask Spray
  • Regular over-the-ear mask styles found here
  • Lanyards and Ear Saver Headbands sold separately.
  • Unless sold out, masks are offered in Adult, XL and child sizes
  • Adult fits most (not all) women and XL fits most (not all) men
  • Tell the world you’re vaccinated with our Silicone Bracelets

Sorry, face masks may not be returned or exchanged.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robin I
Let me count the ways (why I love this mask)

1. You have the science to back up that this mask is effective - even more so with the filter.
2. It's comfortable enough to wear all day. I have this one and the "ears only" one. It depends on what my hair is doing that day and how often it will need to come on and off. They're both comfortable enough to wear all day.
3. Quality - I've been wearing these for a while and they've held up great through multiple washings.
4. The message. While much of the world (and 99.9% of the people where I live) have chosen to move on from Covid19 and masks (despite the fact that people keep getting sick...but I digress), being immune compromised I don't have that luxury. I find that when I wear other masks that don't say this on it I get eye rolls and dirty looks from people. I don't when I wear this mask. I had a situation over the summer where I had to take an elevator and only wanted to take it by myself. I let 3 or 4 elevators go by but people kept coming. I finally asked, rather apologetically, if I could take it by myself. The lady took one look at my mask and not only said of course, but stopped two others from trying to get into the elevator with me. I thanked her profusely.
*My one request: please make this particular mask in other colors - like purple!

Sybille Katz
Best masks and filters!!!

Being immune compromised this mask helps me a lot. Wished it came in more colors though. I have some other masks from this company and they are all great. Love the filters. Easy to put in and they seem to do the trick!

Alan Arnold

My new favorite mask!

Melita R
Very comfortable

The face masks with the over the head ties are great. And the larger size works well for men. All masks should be like this.