At a time when fashion apparel has taken a huge hit and retail bankruptcies have almost been as prevalent as the virus itself, customers are still anxious to find new ways to stay positive and embrace our new normal.

Out is tailored clothing for men. Out is office attire for women. But that doesn't mean people have lost interest in fashion. It just means there's been fewer opportunities to wear it.

Enter the face mask.

Once you get past the Handmaid's Tale-feel to the whole thing, you may start to realize that a mask is an opportunity to express your own style. Yes, we agree, no one wants to be wearing them. But we are. And till at least Spring 2021, we will still be wearing them. So instead of fighting it, customers are embracing face masks and finding fashionable ways to wear them.

Here are three quick ways to wear a Face Mask:

(1) Color Matching

The absolute easiest way to wear a face mask fashionably is to match a color from your blouse to one of the colors in your mask. If you can simply steal one color from one of these articles and match it to one in the other, then you're doing it right!

(2) Pattern Mixing

Mixing patterns has been a challenge in fashion since the beginning of time. Now the face mask world faces its own challenge. So try starting with a solid shirt and choose a colorful (and even busy) designed face mask to go with it. Conversely, start with a solid mask and don one of your favorite multi-colored floral shirts that you've been wanting an excuse to wear.

(3) Head Bands

Head bands have already been making a huge comeback with women. Now a few companies have been taking this trend and incorporating them into face mask wearing. These handmade in Vermont headbands were the first of its kind and both take the stress off your ears for a bit, as well as avoid any possible tangling for those with hearing aids.

With these quick three ways to incorporate masks into your personal style, hopefully wearing a mask will become a little more normal. Or at least as normal as it can be. Fingers crossed for a vaccine soon!