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When Do I Wear a Butterfly Bow Tie?

If you're looking for a butterfly bow tie that accommodates a larger neck size, you can search for options labeled as "XL" or "extra-large" butterfly bow ties. These are specifically designed to provide a larger neck circumference and offer a comfortable fit.

When shopping for a butterfly bow tie, it's important to consider both the neck size and the adjustability of the tie. Look for bow ties that have an adjustable neck band or strap, as this allows for flexibility in fitting various neck sizes.

Some online retailers or specialty stores may offer a range of sizes, including larger sizes for individuals with bigger necks. You can search for these options by using keywords like "XL butterfly bow tie" or "bow tie for larger necks" in your preferred online search engine or by visiting websites that specialize in men's formal accessories.

Additionally, reaching out to stores or tailors that offer custom-made bow ties can be a good option. They can create a bow tie specifically tailored to your neck size, ensuring a perfect fit and style.

Remember to measure your neck size accurately to ensure a proper fit. Neck sizes can vary, so it's always a good idea to measure or consult a professional if you're uncertain about your measurements.