An extra long necktie is typically needed when someone has a larger neck size or larger body. It is commonly used by individuals who are taller or have a larger build. The extra length of the necktie allows the tie to reach the appropriate length when tied in a knot, ensuring a proper fit and appearance.

XL neckties can be beneficial for individuals who find standard-sized ties too short or tight around their neck. They provide additional length and width, accommodating a broader neck circumference and creating a balanced and comfortable look when worn with a suit or formal attire.

It's worth noting that necktie sizes can vary among different brands and manufacturers. Our standard size necktie is 58" but we can make them 60", 62", 64" or even 67" long! Some have called this an XXL tie or XXL necktie. Simply click here to see our necktie collection and select which length you want!