Preamble II - bow ties


Celebrate the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution when you tie on this beautiful dark blue silk twill and its inspirational words.

Handcrafted in Middlebury, Vermont.

Our Bow Ties are customized and made to order. Please review our return policies carefully.

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Hugh Williams
A Perfect Tie for a History Teacher

Just as all of your bow ties are, and have been, this tie is perfect for me. As a former history teacher and elementary school principal, this tie communicates to all who see it that our Constitution is important. Please think about creating bow ties that might have statements from the Declaration of Independence, the poem by Tecumseh, the speech by Dr. King about "I Have a Dream", and the speech by President Roosevelt about " We have nothing to fear but fear itself!" Thanks for allowing me to comment on your great products!!!

Perfect for a History Teacher!

I'm known as a bow-tie guy at my school. My students all love my ties and this is a great addition! Even had an issue in the order, prompt exchange, and got the issue sorted out in a couple of days. Great product, great company.

One Place Shopping

Best place to get tied, hankered and masked!

John Zingale
We the People...

I teach middle school Social Studies, and I happen to wear bow ties every Tuesday and Friday for class, #BowTieTuesday and FormalFriday. I have been searching for many years for a bow tie like this. I can find regular ties with the Constitution, but even on my school trips to D.C. I couldn’t find one. This bow tie is perfect. And, in the era of COVID-19, I also got the matching mask. The bow tie is now one of my favorites, and will forever have a permanent place in my rotation.


In the picture that attracted me to purchase this tie, I saw the words We the People. That best represents the Constitution. When I tied it and wore it, all that showed was the word Article written a few times. Disappointed!