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Iconic Holsteins from renowned local artist Woody Jackson are gathered placidly on bright blue silk jacquard. We're not quite sure what they are waiting for, but we're delighted that they are here!

Handcrafted in Middlebury, Vermont.

Our Bow Ties are customized and made to order. Please review our return policies carefully.

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Anne Hart
Mooving and grooving bow tie

Everybody needs a Holstein bow tie! So fun!

Perry Fulkerson
Love the Hosteins!

When I saw the Middlebury bowtie with the Holstein cow design, I had to have it. We live across from a cow pasture with about 100 Holstein neighbors. Wherever I wear this tie, I get great compliments.

Jamie B
Another great Tie

As always, this tie exceeded expectations. This is the 11th tie I've purchased from Beau Ties, some for me and some as gifts. The quality and variety can't be beat. I've purchased ties elsewhere and they don't compare. I should note that every tie I have purchased is a freestyle bow tie, so I can not speak to the pre-tied or neckties. I imagined they are great too. Most of mine are the standard size, however the last two I purchased I tried the butterfly/jumbo and I have a new favorite. If you're a big guy (fat) like me, the butterfly/jumbo looks good. If you're a skinny guy, I'd try the standard or the slim. I've purchased the slim for a lanky brother and it fit him well. Whatever you choose, I don't think you can go wrong. Oh-I should mention that I have been waiting for this Middlebury tie to come back for quite a while. I saw it (in green I think) years ago and wanted it but when I went to order it was gone! I prefer the green background, but the blue is nice and I'm happy with it for now. If a green ever surfaces I will hopefully get ahold of it. I was born in beautiful Vermont and currently reside in Wisconsin so the cows represent these two great dairy states well.

Bob BT
Fashion Commander

This blue Middlebury Cows tie completes my set: red, yellow, and now blue. They made a handsome set!