Merrick - Beaufinity Scarves

Merrick Beaufinity Scarves
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Item #: MRCK220BFT

Looking for a stripe that has a totally different look? Check out this beautifully woven silk melange featuring textured bands of black bordered by combinations of blue, navy, white and black ribbons, each with a distinct weave. Awesome.

Handcrafted in Vermont of imported fabric.

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No woman's wardrobe is complete without at least one of our Beaufinity scarves. Even women who think they just can't wear a scarf look great and no knots required!

Our Beaufinity scarves are double-sided with a 58 inch circumference. Each is 6 inches wide. If you've always wanted a silk scarf, the Merrick Beaufinity is a great choice!

Our Beaufinity Scarves are made to order.

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