Lilyvale - Ear Saver Headband


Looking for a headband that's comfy enough to wear all day - and that doesn't get in the way of your face mask straps? Look no further!

Our head-smart and ear-friendly headbands are just what you need.

  • Headbands are 1 inch wide
  • Fabric is backed with velvet ribbon for comfort and a non-slip texture
  • A comfortable elastic strap allows for easy-on and easy-off
  • Finished with buttons for attaching face mask straps.
  • Easy on your ears - and a perfect option for comfortably wearing a mask if you wear hearing aids.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Margaret Duffy
Ear Saver Headbands Great

I purchased several standard masks before the over-the-head style became available. These headbands let me continue to wear those masks without interfering with my behind-the-ear hearing aids!

Nice headband

I really like this headband. It takes away all the stress of a mask pulling on my ears. The textured backing is great for keeping it from slipping.
I would love it if there was an option to order headbands that are twice as wide, too, at least in plain colors so they can be mixed and matched with the masks.

Kathryn Cunningham
Beautiful and Classic Fabrics And Comfort Combined

I have purchased many of the masks throughout the past year plus. I was able to purchase colors and styles that were appropriate for every member of my family. Some needed a more professional approach with larger fit and Beau Ties solids were a great match. Some wanted more whimsical or fashionable patterns which they wore all day in their profession, Beau Ties was a great match in style and fit. Overall, we appreciate having top quality craftsmanship, adjustable fits, a wide range of colors, a range of great fabrics/designs and how easy the masks are to care for. The coordinated headbands are awesome and make all day mask wearing a breeze! Simply, we love our Beau Ties on every level.