Brighton - bow ties


A long-time customer favorite, these white polka dots on bright red silk twill will fit the bill in almost any sartorial situation.

Handcrafted in Middlebury, Vermont.

Our Bow Ties are customized and made to order. Please review our return policies carefully.

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Jim W.
A Classic

MANY years ago, I got a red polka dot bow tie from Beau Ties. I still have it, and it's a classic. Most of my bow ties are the large butterfly style, but lately I wanted to try the slender diamond-point style, and Brighton caught my eye. I love it, and, as with all of your products, it received many complimentary remarks!

Miguel Grano de Cafe
A tie with a twinkle in it's eye

I like this tie. This tie is classic, and classy, and all grown up now. It also remembers the younger days when fun was a larger part of our life. This tie will help you through the work day, head down and working hard, but this tie is also ready for some good fun when work is done.

Philip Rehrig

Brighton - bow ties

Timothy Crehan
Beau Ties Gives You A Much Better Variety

While shopping online and in stores, I noticed that most places offer bowties in only one size/style--large butterfly. A smaller, thinner bowtie looks much better on me given my overall appearance and Beau Ties offers a lot of options in terms of size, style and length so I could choose a tie that was practically tailor-made for me.

Very thin

A nice polka dot. I don't know why, but this tie is very limp. It droops quite a bit after 4 hours of wear (let alone 9 or 10). I like the tie, I just have to wear it part days, then change to another.