Our Story

Our Story

Like many independent-minded bow tie wearing men, Bill Kenerson had a tough time finding attractive, high-quality ties to wear to work. So he took it upon himself to change the situation. He went shopping for fabric. He connected with a local seamstress. And they created some bow ties. But it didn't stop there.

What had been a passion for wearing bows became a passion for sharing them, and in 1993 Beau Ties Ltd. Of Vermont was born – launched with a collection of just eight ties on a single page (our first catalog!) mailed to 5,000 people. Response was immediate and positive.

Our little Vermont company began to grow – gradually taking over every available room in Bill's house. He and his wife, Deb, kept their day jobs until, with a deep breath, they launched themselves into the tie business on a fulltime basis. At about the time most folks reach retirement age, they decided to break ground for a new building for Beau Ties where sewing, shipping, sales and marketing operations could all work together.

Upon settling into our facility, we expanded our product line to include neckties, cummerbunds, pocket squares, ascots, cravats, neckties, boys' ties and scarves. Over the years, in response to customer suggestions and requests, we have continued to expand our offerings to include more accessories and apparel – for men and women. And while not everything can be produced here in Vermont, we have diligently searched for, and found, other companies and products that meet our high standards of quality and service.

In 2012, after celebrating his 81st birthday and facing some serious health issues, Bill made the decision to sell Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont. His diligent search for "the right match" culminated in the transfer of the company to David Kramer and David Mutter in September of that year.

Throughout the journey from a bedroom business to a company of dozens of employees, Bill's original mission has remained at our core. We are dedicated to making the best individually handcrafted ties in America, and providing customer service that is second to none.