Group Custom Ties

Group Custom Ties

It's not every organization that wants or needs a fabric of its own, but if yours does, it's time to talk with our specialty guru, Liz Smith. From businesses, sports teams and professional associations to charitable organizations and family reunions – Liz has made ideas for one-of-a-kind fabrics become reality. So, if it's time for you to create a reunion class tie, or you have some ideas about developing a fabric that will be ready for your entire corporate team to wear at the next annual meeting – it's time to email or call Liz at 800-488-8437x21.

Here's how it works:

1. Decide how many ties and other accessories you think you would like, and what colors, designs or logos you would like to use. After you email or call Liz Smith at 800-488-8437 with your ideas, she will let you know what we need to get started.

2. We will create artwork for your review, and help you choose the fabric that will make it look its best.

3. We will send you a product sample so you can fine-tune all the details before you give Liz final approval for production.

4. Your fabric comes to us. The talented production crew at Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont will handcraft your ties and accessories with the same attention to detail given to all of our products. Upon completion, we ship everything directly to you. The entire process usually takes about eight to ten weeks.

5. You accept lots of compliments when people see your high-quality, custom-made ties and accessories.