Meet the Artists

Meet the Artists

Barclay Tucker is a Vermont artist well known for creating critters who wear bow ties. His work has been described as subtle, quirky and having an off-beat sense of humor. Barclay teaches drawing, history of the visual arts, illustration, and graphic design in the Department of Visual Arts at Lyndon State College. Want to know more? Visit
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Jess Graham grew up in Morrisville, Vermont. After living, studying and working in New Hampshire, Oregon, New York City, Croatia and the Caribbean, she has settled back into the hills of northern Vermont. Her art is illustrative, irreverent and textural. Learn more about Jess at
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Massimo Manfredini, known to his friends as "Maci", has boundless imagination and a passion for drawing. He uses, he says, "every single moment" to put them to work, seeking new ways to share his visions with others. "With white paper in front of me," says Maci, "I can see things before they appear." Maci loves bow ties, as well. "When I discovered Beau Ties of Vermont I found the right place for me!" Get to know Maci in his own words here.
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JoAnn Audrey-Hynes, legendary fabric designer, is known in the industry for chic sophistication, elegance and unique styling. Her motto is "all about color" believing there is nothing more flattering to a man than color. Her ideas come from a deep love and appreciation of beautiful objects. She enjoys being creative, recreating designs from years ago, and spends hours in archives worldwide. Her passion for neckwear can be seen in the magnificent designs and colors that she creates.
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Josh Bach, In his own words, Josh has this to say about himself:
Formally trained as an architect, and working later as an art director, I draw from my rich experiences in both disciplines to create unique, original products meant to catch the eye. Whether it's bold artwork from the New York City subway map or the subtle pattern of the nighttime constellations, I strive to create clever, creative and very wearable interpretations of the everyday.
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Martha Kroll, Martha is a self-taught artist who specializes in the unusual use of watercolors (regular, iridescent and metallic). Her unique style of layering colors, result in designs full of depth and motion that translate into striking fabrics making beautiful ties and accessories.
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Woody Jackson, A long-time friend and Middlebury neighbor, Woody was probably the first artist we featured in fabric. Rightfully famous for his iconic Holsteins (you'll see them on Ben & Jerry's ice cream containers, as well), he created a whole herd for us to share with you – on ties that have long been Beau Ties favorites.
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