Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares

Originally a utilitarian handkerchief fashioned from a small square of silk or linen, the pocket square has come a long way. The humble hankies of the past have long since been relegated to trouser pockets – or eschewed entirely in favor of paper tissues. The pocket square, on the other hand, is now the final word in style, peeking out of breast pockets everywhere.

Our 11" pocket squares, sewn double-sided for more body, have no "wrong side," and can be folded, tucked or squashed in any way you like. Should your pocket square match your tie, or add a note of contrast? That's entirely up to you, as well. Either is sartorially correct, so suit yourself!

Some of our most popular pocket squares are shown here; just click on one to place an order. If you don't see what you want, go ahead and browse all of our bow tie fabrics. Once you've made a decision about what you like best, just visit the bow tie page for the fabric you've chosen, and choose pocket squares from the list of accessories. We can take it from there!

Pocket squares are made to order, so please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Keep in mind, as well, that because they are custom-made items, pocket squares are non-returnable except for defects in material or workmanship. They do qualify, of course, for our quantity discounts.

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  • Bodie Island - Pocket Square
  • Hatteras Island - Pocket Square
  • Roanoke Island - Pocket Square
  • Topsail Island - Pocket Square
  • Bormio - Pocket Square
  • Ojo Caliente - Pocket Square
  • Chipman - Pocket Square
  • McHenry - Pocket Square
  • Mount Vernon - Pocket Square
  • Allegiance - Pocket Square
  • Avalon Springs - Pocket Square
  • Laguna Verde - Pocket Square
  • Dunton - Pocket Square
  • Adana - Pocket Square
  • Grinch Polka - Pocket Square
  • Kit - Pocket Square
  • Caboodle - Pocket Square
  • Copland - Pocket Square
  • Belcourt/Splish Pocket Square
  • Polka The Grape Pocket Square
  • Williams - Pocket Square
  • Mendelssohn - Pocket Square
  • Blenheim - Pocket Square
  • Can't Elope Polka - Pocket Square
  • Mozart - Pocket Square