Girls' Neck Ties

Girls' and womens' neck ties
Pictured from left to right: Jessica is wearing a MISSES size Brooks, Emily is wearing a JUNIOR size Roland-Garros, and Lily is in What Cheer GIRLS size.

Ties For The Rest Of Us!

Who says that neckties are the express property of boys and men? Not us! And evidently, not you. You've asked us for neckties in sizes that will suit girls and their grown up friends, and we've created three different sizes that fit the bill.
  • GIRLS: 36 inches long, 2-1/2 inches wide, perfect for toddlers to pre-teens
  • JUNIOR: 49 inches long, 2-3/4 inches wide, just right for teens
  • MISSES: 54 inches in length, 3 inches wide, for college students and ladies

No longer worn by just schoolgirls in uniform, women's and girls' neckties provide great new options for the rest of us!

Available in select fabrics:

How do I order Girls' Neck Ties?
Since Girls' Neck Ties are made to order, we do not have photos of each coordinate for each fabric.

To have any of our fabrics made as Girls' Neck Ties, simply enter the ordering information for your Girls' Neck Ties in the appropriate section of the order form on each individual bow tie (or necktie) page.

Because Girls' Neck Ties are made to order, please allow two to three weeks for delivery. Also, because they are made-to-order items, Girls' Neck Ties are non-returnable.

All Beau Ties Ltd. coordinates are handmade, right here in Vermont