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New Bill's Private Stock - Spring, 2010
The Latest New Bill's Private Stock Collection ties
Bill's Private Stock Collection

to Inspire

J. Audrey's latest creations make this Bill's Private Stock collection of bow ties and neckties nothing short of breathtaking.

The stunning artistic depth and stylistic breadth of these J. Audrey designs range from the ethereal pastel Aurora watercolors to the ornate detail of Neverland and the bold geometries of Sultan.

If you're ready to make a statement in style and stand above the bland neckwear masses, these new Private Stock ties are your ticket to an inspired wardrobe.

Beau Ties Ltd.

Aurora Australis - new silk satin designer watercolor bow tie
Aurora Australis $72
Neverland - new paisley/floral silk satin designer bow tie
Neverland $72
Tauranga - new J. Audrey designer woven silk bow tie
Tauranga $69
Sultan - new woven silk J. Audrey designer bow tie
Sultan $69
Matuku - new woven silk designer bow tie
Malaita $65
Aurora Borealis - new silk satin J. Audrey watercolor neck tie
Aurora Borealis $92

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