BPS Winter Ties, 2010 (vol IX, iss 1)

Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont
Beau Ties Bulletin
New Bill's Private Stock - Winter, 2010
The Latest New Bill's Private Stock Collection ties
Bill's Private Stock Collection

Looking for
the coolest
new ties?

As always, for the ultimate in cool you needn't look any further than the latest Bill's Private Stock collection of bow ties and neckties.

The peerless sophistication of J. Audrey's fabric designs coupled with the unrivaled craftsmanship of our handsewn Private Stock collection makes these nonpareil new ties the must-have neckwear for the season.

Beau Ties Ltd.

Matuku - new woven silk designer bow tie
Matuku $69
Isla de las Nubes - J. Audrey designer bow tie
Isla de las Nubes $69
Fujian - new woven silk bow tie
Fujian $69
Polillo Island - new winter floral woven silk bow tie
Polillo Island $69
Terebinhia - new woven silk bow tie
Kampuchea $83
Sark -new woven plaid bow tie
Sark $59

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