Boys' Bow Ties

Boys' Bow Ties

An independent spirit must be nurtured from its earliest days. That's why we individually create bow ties for boys of all sizes. To determine which size is right for your young fellow, use these measurements as guidelines:

  • 3" wide bow – Our smallest size, and the best choice for infants.
  • 3.5" wide bow – This should be about right for boys with neck sizes 8"-10".
  • 4" wide bow – Our largest option, and will be a good size for most boys with 10"-12" necks.
  • Holding a ruler under your boy's chin will help you choose the best size for him.

    Boys' bow ties are available as Freestyle (tie it yourself), Pre-Tied (the bow is on an adjustable band) and Clip-On. Knowing boys as we do, the Pre-Tied option might be your best bet until your young fellow learns to tie his own.

    To get you started, some of our most popular fabrics are shown here, but we are happy to make boys' bows in whatever fabric you like best. To order, just visit the bow tie page for the fabric you've chosen, and choose Boy's Bow Tie from the list of hand-sewn accessories.

    Prefer neckties? All of our boy's bow tie fabrics are available as neckties, as well.

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