Beau Ties Bespoke - Custom Ties

Beau Ties Bespoke - Custom Ties

What is Beau Ties Bespoke?
It’s your tie, in your size, to your specifications.

- Do you want the tips of your bow tie to be little taller? Done.
- Do you want your necktie tie a little narrower at the top and wider at
  the bottom? Done.
- Do you want a different angle on your diamond point tie? Done.

We create your ties to your precise specifications.

How much does this service cost?
There is a one-time $25 set-up fee to create your tie’s custom template. That’s it. After your template is made, you can choose any of our fabrics and the cost of your custom tie will be exactly the same as the cost of a standard tie. And that’s true every time you order!

How do I get started?
Grab a napkin, whip out a crayon, produce a PowerPoint – we’re not fussy. The point is simple. Let us know what shape and size you want, and we’ll create the template for it. Here’s how to make it happen:

- Take a bow tie or necktie that you really like and TRACE IT! (We only
   need the end of a bow tie or the face of a necktie). This will give us
   a good sense of what you want. 
- If you’re not handy with a pencil, take a picture of a tie you like.
- Jot the measurements you want directly onto your image.
- Scan your image and email it to us at OR mail it to us at 69 Industrial Avenue, Middlebury, Vermont 05753. When we receive it, we’ll be in touch, so let us know how and when is the best time to contact you.

What if I need more help?
Please just give us a call at 800-488-8437. Our customer service team is available on weekdays from 9:00am – 6:00pm ET. We love ties, and we love challenges. So go ahead and call!

How do I place future orders?
It’s as easy as can be. Once your custom template is finished and on file, you may use it whenever you place an order. If you call us, tell us you have a template on file. If you place your order online, simply include a note in the instructions to use your custom pattern, and we’ll take it from there.

Are Bespoke Ties Returnable?
Ties made from custom templates are created just for you, and they are not returnable. Of course, if there is a flaw in our fabric or a problem with our workmanship, we will be happy to make an exchange .