Ascots and Cravats

Ascots and Cravats

There's more to men's neckwear than the necktie and the bow tie. Ascots and cravats both have long histories in the annals of men's fashion. Indeed, the cravat is the grandfather of all neckwear, making its first appearance in the 17th Century. Ascots, really a subset of cravats, came later – named after they were introduced in England at the Royal Ascot race in 1876.

Want to keep the difference between ascots and cravats straight? Here are two things to remember:

1. Ascots are cravats, but cravats are not ascots
2. Ascots are worn inside the collar, cravats are worn outside the collar

Ascots are a good choice for any occasion where an open collar is a bit "too" casual, and a knotted tie is not necessary. And while cravats have become a popular choice for wedding attire, they are perfectly acceptable replacements for neckties or bow ties, as well.

Updated and handcrafted here in Vermont, our ascot has a Velcro closure and is available in a full range of neck sizes. Our free-fold cravat features three stitched center pleats that allow luxurious drape in front without fabric bulk at the wearer's nape. It is completely reversible and available in sizes designed for a perfect fit.

Some of our most popular ascots and cravats are shown here; just click on one to place an order. If you don't see what you want, click on "Create Your Own."

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